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About Education Care bd!

Opening Statement/Overview

“The Journey is the Reward”
– Steve Jobs

The number of outbound students in Bangladesh interested to study overseas with better job prospects is highly increasing. This on the one hand, creates future opportunities for the students, their families as well as for our nation as a whole. On the other hand, overcoming the hurdles of overseas education application process is itself a daunting job. For instance, a student might find difficulties with which universities or colleges to choose from which country, how to apply for one, the financial estimation, will he or she get admitted with their existing set of skills and knowledge. Besides, what are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming an international students in terms of scholarships, internship opportunities or their job opportunities. On top of that once get admitted, students face another challenge, that is, the visa application procedure. All of these stages of obtaining higher education become onerous for an individual and even generate frustration. Education Care Bangladesh here becomes the most trustworthy study abroad consultancy/number one resource to bridge this gap by providing the students with all the necessary information and assistance.

Company History:

Education is one of the fundamental human rights. With keeping this in mind to help individuals in facilitating their future career growth, Education Care Bangladesh was established in 2012 in Bangladesh. We started with a team of 5 passionated individuals in Sylhet back then and now we are operating with more than 35 people in our Dhaka with Sylhet branch. We have moved our office to a state-of-the art building that comes with specialized structure including all the technical support. Not only that our enthusiasm, integrity towards student services and consistency throughout this long journey has given us with the opportunity to gain the trust of our client beyond Sylhet. To extend our services we also have established a branch in Dhaka.

How do we Operate/Mission, Vision and Objective:

Since our clients are the students who are higher study aspirants, we value people oriented growth. The mission of our admission services comprises of engaging one-to-one with our clients, assess their needs, encourage and assist students to select a course of study in an educational institution that match their academic, career and personal goals. Our main objectives are:

  1. To successfully place students in their desired colleges in the developed countries of the world which matches with their profile.
  2. Encourage students to enhance their skills and english proficiency in order to reach their potential.
  3. To organize educational expo for promoting foreign education.
  4. To remain the number one choice as a consultancy agency with the achievement of cutting-edge performance.

Apart from maintaining the status of a reliable study abroad advisor, we also aim to generate
employment by recruiting the enthusiastic, goal oriented graduates in our industry.

What We Do/Our Services:

Currently our major fraternity comprises of colleges from UK, USA, Canada, and Malaysia. We are also working tenaciously to extend our admission services to the leading countries in the Europe which yet again will create a range of opportunities to the Bangladeshi academics. There is a comprehensive range of services that are being offered by us. Those are as follows:

Counselling support:

      • Career counselling
      • Eligibility checking
      • Appropriate Universities and Colleges selection
      • Course selection
      • On the spot assessment

Scholarships and Financial Plan support:

      • Guidance on the ways to apply for and obtain scholarship
      • Provide efficient information on managing financial evidence
      • Provide support on sponsor plan
      • Study abroad loan application
      • Assist on tuition fees payment

Visa Application & Departure Assistance:

      • Authentic visa application guidance
      • Visa documentation advice
      • Provide training support to prepare students for the visa interview
      • Pre-departure preparation assistance
      • During travel assistance
      • Airport pick up help
      • Last but not the least, help students to find accommodation

Diversity Statement:

Education Care does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender identity in employment, treatment, admission, access to educational
programs and activities, or other company benefits or services.